Earn $500 for every net-new customer you close! 

Gigamon is offering a $500 Visa gift card for each qualifying
deal you bring to Gigamon. 

These customers do not have to be new to you – they just need to be new to Gigamon! The easiest way to find net-new business for Gigamon is to look at your existing install base:

  • Any customer you've previously sold a security tool to
  • Any customer you’ve already sold security products from Gigamon’s Ecosystem Partners
  • Any customer who does not have enough ports to support all their tools
  • Any customer upgrading their networks

How it works:

  1. Confirm that the account is net-new to Gigamon. Check with your Gigamon Regional Sales Director or Channel Manager.
  2. Broker a meeting between Gigamon and your customer.
  3. Register the opportunity in the Gigamon Partner Portal.
  4. Purchase orders must include promotional code “NNEUAU”
  5. Submit your claim to your Gigamon Regional Sales Director or Channel Manager after the deal closes.
  6. Receive a $500 Visa gift card.

Click here for terms and conditions.